Creating a Business Case for a New WMS to Help Control Costs & Eliminate Waste in Your Food Supply Chain

For food and beverage manufacturers, profits can take the biggest hit from inefficient storage and warehouse activities.

In high-performance food & beverage supply chains, the Warehouse Management System orchestrates every aspect of optimizing multiple warehouse locations, including:

  • Efficient storage and staging of raw materials and finished goods to meet customer delivery dates
  • Expiration and shelf-life tracking to control costs associated with ingredient spoilage and lot expirations
  • Greater visibility of quarantined inventory to eliminate costs associated with waste and excess raw materials
  • Inventory balancing to reduce out-of-stock risks while maintaining adequate stock to meet production schedules
  • Segregation of allergens (i.e., nuts, gluten products) to avoid cross-contamination

Learn how to build your business case for implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will help you balance top-line revenue growth with the need for cost avoidance in your manufacturing supply chain.

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