Faurecia increased production start-up efficiency with 3DEXPERIENCE Twin

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Faurecia, a leading automotive supplier, contributes to the future mobility solutions by making them safer, more efficient and sustainable.

In order to ensure the synchronization of its production operations, Faurecia needed a solution that would unify its methods and processes all over the world.       

“You can literally see what you're talking about right away. It is a truly digital factory."        

Tool & Process Simulation Expert Fr                                                  

In this case study, you will learn insights from Laurent Vachey, Design & Validation Solution Manager and Loïc Painvin, Tool & Process Simulation Expert at Faurecia, regarding the introduction of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Twin to better manage their global production processes.

Visualisez le partage de procédés utilisé par Faurecia mondialement.

What you can expect from this testimonial

By reading this testimonial, you will learn how Faurecia obtained these benefits:

  • Unified and shared processes across all the company's areas
  • Ramp-up more efficiently
  • Reduced production start-up costs at the factory through advance simulation of the manufacturing line
  • Improved collaboration practices and overall communication 

How Faurecia is performing its digital transformation?

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