Deliver Effective 3D eCommerce Experiences

Add dimension to your eCommerce strategy by displaying interactive 3D products and allow consumers to visualize and interact with them.

Read our Business Case "Experience a New Dimension: Change the Game with 3D"

A newly published business case reveals how to create and deliver 3D experiences for selling and promoting products online.  Read it and learn how to captivate consumers and increase business.

How do you deliver effective 3D eCommerce experiences?

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As eCommerce continues to transform, retailers, manufacturers, and marketers ask, “How can we commercialize products more efficiently to keep pace?"

To deliver an effective 3DEXPERIENCE, one that turns a concept into a competitive advantage, companies need a way to seamlessly convert the latest design and operational data into engaging, up-to-date online product experiences. The functionality and flexibility of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and 3DEXCITE solutions gives product innovation and commercialization teams a simplified way to deliver a next-generation product experience.



Read the business case, 'Experience a New Dimension: Change the Game with 3D' and learn:

  • How companies produce and leverage 3D product content for commercialization
  • Ways to optimize content for different eCommerce platforms and channels
  • Why and how to use the open 3D data standard  - glTF™ for eCommerce experiences

The game has changed. Watch how 3D product content supercharges eCommerce and empowers end-consumers.

By simulating the real world with the virtual world the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform empowers the next generation of product innovators and marketers to elevate the customer journey. 


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