Expand Lean Manufacturing with MES

White Paper

Manufacturing Execution System software enables you, as a manufacturer, reliably execute manufacturing processes and capture all the information you need in order to transform your operations and achieve maximum agility. 

This white paper will draw upon third-party research and actual customer feedback to demonstrate the role a Manufacturing Execution System, or MES, can perform, complementing and supporting the quest to drive waste out of operations processes. The integration of software into a Lean program has been identified and validated as a best practice enabler across a systematic framework for change management and continuous improvement.

An overwhelming majority of top performing manufacturers use an MES to support their Lean initiatives by implementing best practices, measuring performance, and improving processes to continue the cycle of removing waste from operations processes.


Driving Lean Manufacturing - Autoliv

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By following Lean manufacturing methodology, manufacturers look for possible ways of eliminating waste (anything that does not add customer value) while achieving maximum productivity. DELMIA MES solution will bring your lean daily management system to a new level. While most traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems focus solely on the plant floor operations, our software goes beyond that by including operations across business functions and organizations. 

With DELMIA MES, you will be able to: 

  • Control your operations everywhere in the enterprise
  • Globally coordinate and synchronize people
  • Synchronize material flow through the product supply network
  • Digitalize the entire manufacturing process
  • Automate the performance of business processes across the value chain


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