Get up to 50% off 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA*

Deploy CATIA with 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud and boost your return on investment.

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There has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest version of CATIA and connect to the cloud.
Keep using the remarkable design and engineering features of CATIA and add anytime, anywhere access for your whole team, plus all the latest cloud-enabled features.

What is included in the offer ?

This offer includes 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA bundled with the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform, including:

  • digital continuity
  • cloud-based collaboration
  • platform maintenance
  • backup and recovery
  • over-the-air software upgrades and patches
  • dedicated cybersecurity

Safeguard your investment and roll out constantly up-to-date CATIA capabilities on the cloud.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform offers :


“If I come up with a new idea or a solution, I can be anywhere and get on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and start sketching a model. I might be troubleshooting issues in the shop with my tablet or I might be at home and log-in from the cloud. It’s always accessible, with the data I need.” -- Sandesh Gudemane, lead mechanical engineer, Globe Trailers


“We’ve shaved off one hour per week in review sessions because everything is already on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.” – Cédric GUELIN, CEO, KS Tools France

High Return On Investment

“We pay for what we use and have the flexibility to scale up and down according to our needs, which helps us to keep costs down.” – Camilla Mazzola, Brand and Marketing Manager, KINDOF

What’s different about 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA?

For users familiar with CATIA v5, 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA offers an intuitive user interface with features like browser-based engineering, ultra-rapid treatment of large assemblies and out-of-the-box integration with simulation and analysis.

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Who is eligible for the special offer?
If you are a CATIA v5 customer who has not paid ALC (Annual License Charges) for three years or more, contact us today to confirm that you are eligible for this exclusive offer of up to 50% off yearly subscription charges (YSC), giving you access to the newest R2022x release of CATIA as soon as it’s available.*
If you’re a CATIA v5 customer who has paid ALC (Annual License Charges) sometime in the past three years, you may be eligible for 35% off the yearly subscription charge (YSC) on our Cloud connector for CATIA v5.*
Don’t wait. Get started with our out-of-the-box cloud solutions and boost your business today.

*Terms & Conditions: The offer allows past or present CATIA v5 customers purchasing 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud offers to benefit from specially structured pricing to reduce their yearly subscription charges by up to 50%, depending on conditions. Dassault Systèmes reserves the right to reserve or remove the offer without notice. Please contact a Sales representative for the full terms and conditions of the offer.

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