Establish Digital Continuity and Innovate Faster

"Boost innovation without compromising on product quality and reliability by enabling digital continuity across your design and engineering disciplines."
Bastien HILLEN
Worldwide Business Development, Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes


As they seek to deliver more innovative and sustainable products without compromising on reliability and durability, Home & Lifestyle companies need to connect the dots between their design and engineering disciplines. By developing all product assets in 3D, teams can collaborate with ease to perfect designs, identify and resolve manufacturing constraints and launch better products at record speed. All of this can be accomplished using the Product Mechanical Design process from the Perfect Consumer Product solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  

The Challenge

Designing and modelling complex products and materials can be a lengthy and error-prone process when using basic CAD tools. Without the ability to accurately model new designs and check for manufacturing feasibility, companies fall into the trap of constantly having to rework products. Lacking a single version of the truth, critical information gets lost along the way, throwing up errors and quality issues. As products grow in complexity, processes become more time and labor intensive, leading to escalating development costs and lead times.

The Solution

When designers and engineers are empowered to work together in a single collaborative environment, they can achieve digital continuity across departments. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform seamlessly connects multiple disciplines and allows for all product assets to be created and handled in 3D so that companies can test and validate designs, and program and simulate manufacturing. Using Product Mechanical Design  based on CATIA, businesses can develop effective design-for-cost strategies and launch better, more innovative products faster.

The Benefits

Home & Lifestyle companies can expect to reduce product development lead times by up to 30% and lower product development costs by 10% using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to achieve digital continuity and collaborative design and engineering capabilities. With consolidated data platforms and optimized processes, businesses are freed up to launch more innovative products to market faster, reduce the number of design iterations and physical prototypes they need to make, and preserve operating margins.

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Reduce Development Time

By Up to 30%

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Lower Development Costs

By 10%

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Boost Innovation Pipeline

& Go to Market Faster

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Real Business Story

Geberit deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as part of its long-term vision to optimize its business processes and create a collaborative global product development environment. With integrated digital design and engineering capabilities, the European sanitary technology provider can test and validate designs, simulate manufacturing and launch more complex products faster while complying with its sustainability targets and safety norms.

By adopting a single platform, we can consolidate multiple data platforms, optimize processes and help ensure leading, competitive operations for the future.

Head of R&D Applications at Geberit

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