EPFL Formula Student

Meet the team and discover more about the collaboration with 3DS in a small Video Series about EPFL Racing Team

What is Formula Student?

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Founded forty one years ago by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Formula Student opens the door to engineering students around the world to conceptualize and build an electric race car to compete with other universities in world-wide competitions

Moreover it gives students the opportunity to prove their technical abilities already acquired in class regarding the design and manufacture of a prototype race car. The performance of the competing vehicles is tested in both Static and Dynamic Events. 

EPFL Racing Team

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The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne is a public research university located in Lausanne (Switzerland) and is one of the most renowned universities in this field. EPFL Racing Team is taking part in various Formula Student competitions around Europe, in which they compete against other universities since 2017. 

3DS is one of their sponsors, and they help this fantastic team of 70 students with their software products CATIA and, more recently, the 3DExperience Platform. These assist the team in designing, engineering, and building a competitive race car.

The Road to Formula Student

19 minutes 56 seconds

Keynote Startup Days 2022

Teaser Video

40 seconds

Episode ONE

In the first episode, you will learn about the team's organization, recent accomplishments, and ambitions for the upcoming racing season. You will meet numerous board members who were interviewed.

    Episode TWO

    The second episode is on car manufacturing, aerodynamics, and technical data. Several division heads discuss the issues they confront on a daily basis and how they deal with them.

      Episode THREE

      The final episode is devoted to the relationship between 3DS and the EPFL Racing Team. Members of the team demonstrate how the 3DExperience platform benefits their work and how they use it.