Ensuring Equipment Strength and Durability with Simulation

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In the race to deliver new and innovative products to market faster, manufacturers in Automotive, Aerospace, High Tech, and Industrial equipment, among others face significant challenges related to meeting government regulations, reducing costs and shortening development cycles.

To meet these challenges, leading manufactures leverage the robust capabilities of SIMULIA Abaqus finite element analysis with SIMULIA fe-safe for durability analysis. This enables them to evaluate alternative materials and reduce part weight while ensuring strength, durability and safety. For example, within the industrial equipment sector, manufacturing machinery, heavy mobile equipment, turbomachinery and powertrains must be reliable and functional at incredible speeds and under very heavy loads without overheating or succumbing prematurely to wear and fatigue.

Abaqus provides robust linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities to accurately model and simulate real-world equipment operations, from low-speed dynamic or steady-state transport analyses to sealing pressure in a gasket joint, as well as high-speed, nonlinear dynamic events such as drop testing, contact and crack initiation and propagation. By combining, Abaqus with fe-safe engineers are able to simulate thermomechanical fatigue and creep-fatigue including fatigue analysis of elastomers and welded joints.
In this whitepaper, you will learn how modeling and simulation enables manufacturers to reduce physical testing while improving durability of components and meeting regulations and product performance requirements on time and within budget.

Download this whitepaper to learn how SIMULIA realistic simulation technology can help you:

  • Improve efficiency in modeling and simulation process
  • Evaluate more design options
  • Reduce total product development time 
  • Increase production capacity 

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