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As manufacturers strive for efficiency throughout the product lifecycle, they have begun to focus on a sweet spot: the earliest development stages. Companies optimizing products via integrated modeling and simulation shift analysis and validation costs to the early conceptual design phase which reduces costs in later phases of a program.

Read the ebook, to learn real-world applications for integrated modeling and simulation, also known as MODSIM.  

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Systems of Systems Approach for Product Development Case Study

Engineering-driven manufacturers solve difficult problems across domains to successfully design and build systems of systems using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). 

Gather insight from engineers at aerospace and defense company, Lockheed Martin and shipbuilder, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Learn the benefits of No Magic as part of their MBSE implementations. 

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Building the Blocks of Next Gen Data Centers

Configurable, efficient, and sustainable data centers will be the norm in the future. Using the virtual twin, data center owners and builders can outline a holistic, modular approach to data center innovation.

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Tame the Complexity: Transitioning to 5G

Untangling decades of custom-connected, limited-purpose networks to make way for 5G is daunting. In manufacturing, see how experts rely on virtual twins for hiccup-free 5G implementations.

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