Eliminate design friction | Lifecycle Insights Report

Discover the crucial capabilities to improve your design and collaboration process

Today, product design processes are more complex than ever. Getting your product out on the market or in the customer's hands takes a lot of coordination with a lot of different stakeholders working in different places. Collaboration becomes a tedious and error prone process, susceptible to delays and mounting costs.

Fortunately, solutions exist to improve the process. Integrated product development tools make it possible for engineers to seamlessly exchange ideas and get feedback from nontechnical participants.

This report looks at key ways to enhance the product design process with integrated product development tools on the cloud:

  • Sources of friction in traditional collaboration processes and technologies,

  • New approaches and collaborative design tools to remove barriers to collaboration,

  • Trends driving engineering to act as the hub of collaboration,

  • A roundup of crucial capabilities that organizations should consider when assessing new tools.

Read the full report to find out how you can improve your product design workflow by integrating your CAD solution with cloud collaboration tools.

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