Design Your Way | E-Flow Air Purifier Story

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What if you could make any vision come to life — your way?

Expectations of designers have never been higher. That means the design tools you use need to meet higher expectations too.

Designers need the agility, technical versatility and collaborative capabilities to enable great designs to come to life, fast. And they need the ability to collaborate easily with project stakeholders in fields like engineering, analysis and manufacturing.

This is where the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform comes in. It offers a complete set of tools for designers to imagine, sketch, develop, simulate, optimize and collaborate. Designer Tony Parez-Edo recently worked on the platform to create the cutting-edge E-Flow Air Purifier from the earliest concepts to the production stage.

Watch our live talk to see how the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform empowers you to create truly amazing products.

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