Drone-a-thon : Propelling Sustainability

A 10-day challenge inspiring young minds to be the future innovators and future entrepreneurs in UAV/Drone sector

In collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE Lab and Drone Federation of India 

The ability of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) to reduce the cost of compliance and cost of the technology, while also enhancing the value of the information gathered through these systems have been the key drivers for increased adoption of UAVs in India. Coupled with the applications from other synergetic technologies like 3D modelling, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and augmented as well as virtual reality has opened up multiple possibilities for organizations to leverage the use of UAVs/drones and its associated technologies across their operations. Adoption of Drone / UAV is increasing in India and it is projected that the value of industry and market would be around US$ 885.7 million, while the global market size will touch US$ 21.47 billion by 2021.There have been a number of Indian Governmental Agencies and PSUs that have piloted and even scaled up operations of drones.

Drone-a-thon: Propelling Sustainability’ is a Design- Simulate- Experience 10 days challenge that inspires Young Minds to be the future innovators and future entrepreneurs in UAV \ Drone sector. This  hackathon is in collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE Lab and its aim is to use 3DEXPERIENCE platform and boost participants' innovation capabilities, develop more creative solutions and create the conditions for remarkable talents to stand out.

Agriculture, City, Healthcare, Defense and Logistics

Who should participate?  
Academia, Startups and Industry Associations for Drones

How to Participate? 
Phase 1: Application
1) Submit your interest by filling the form below
2) You will receive an email confirmation with a link to post your idea/renders/design/blueprint 

• Submission Deadline : Projects/Ideas to be submitted between 19th October- 31st October

Phase 2:  Idea Selection & Training
3) Top 10 teams will be eligible for the ‘Drone-a-thon : Propelling Sustainability’ Challenge  from 9th November to 20th November, 2020  and will be given a training on 3DEXPERIENCE platform 

Phase 3: Pitch/Presentation
4) Top 3 Teams will be selected and will get an opportunity to present their design on 25th November, 2020
5) One Team will get a chance to win exciting prizes 

Judging Criteria
Ideas will be selected on the basis of following parameters: 
1) Innovative 
2) Commercial Suitability
3) Fully compliant safety and regulatory standards-based design
4) User friendly design 
5) Aesthetics
6) Platform and payload interchangeability
7) Automated safety modes
8) Enhanced intelligent piloting models
9) Full autonomy
10) Full airspace awareness

Contact for support
If you have any questions, please contact Suhaspritipal.GONGATE@3ds.com 

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