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Biopharma Quality and Compliance

Quality helps ensuring patient safety, treatment efficacy, sustainability and protection of brand reputation. Dassault Systèmes helps achieving Quality and Business Excellence with a new a comprehensive data-centric approach to Quality, ensuring digital continuity, data integrity and a “Single Source of Truth” of information. The integrated capabilities include Quality Document and Content Management with automated tasks, electronic signatures, standardized controlled processes and audit trails, Quality Process Management with immediate access to data and documents with hyperlinks and Quality Intelligence using machine learning and federated search.

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Data Science - Drive Knowledge Based Decisions

Organizations need a scalable framework to create, validate, and consume data science workflows. From accessing and aggregating data to sophisticated analytics, modeling and reporting, automating these processes allows novice users to get the most of their data while freeing up expert users to focus on more value-added tasks. Utilizing a common framework also ensures best practices are captured and shared enterprise-wide. Democratizing data science helps teams do more with less and unlock the innovations that today’s businesses need to survive and thrive.

Scientific Informatics - Transform Data into Knowledge

Scientific discovery arises from the collaboration of diverse teams. Organizations must ensure that researchers have the tools they need to effectively analyze and share this content to maximize its impact. Leveraging a common framework for managing scientific content helps facilitate an environment of collaboration across internal and external R&D networks. Researchers can easily aggregate, process and analyze data while rapidly sharing and discussing results. Scientifically-aware tools also help guarantee that researchers have the capabilities they need to explore their data more deeply. Together, such an environment facilitates innovation and helps researchers guide their work via data-driven decisions.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Manage and connect scientific innovation processes and information across the product lifecycle
  • Create enterprise-wide intelligence that helps reduce cycle times and time to market
  • Use modeling, simulation and predictive analytics for in-silico design and selection of molecules, biologics, materials and formulations
  • Streamline data access and reporting across the enterprise for knowledge-based decision making
  • Facilitate collaboration, internally and externally to access, organize, analyze, and share information
  • Capture, access and share consistent data from a single source of truth for better process and product quality
  • Accelerate compliant product and process development from research through QA/QC

Our customer

Discover how a leading global supplier of specialty surfactants and polymers addressed a critical workflow efficiency, risk management and cost control issues with a chemical inventory management system in a complex lab environment.

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