Digitizing business from the inside out

Battery Manufacturing innovation in the Age of Experiences
Olivier de Percin
VP High-Tech industry, Dassault Systèmes

Digitization is the fabric of the internet of everything. Energy storage with batteries is the fuel. Market opportunities are stellar, so is business risk. Discover how Battery Cell and Pack manufacturers can effectively leverage digitization and streamline their own innovation process for growth and competitiveness.

Powering the Internet of Experiences

Intelligent lifestyle, mobility, production and energy grids are growing fast, connecting people, services and resources to deliver better experiences for customers, workers and citizens. Well performing and sustainable energy storage solutions are an important cornerstone for this digital transformation of businesses and society as a whole.

Battery Manufacturers’ Threats and Opportunities

In this fast growing, dynamic marketplace which is characterized by regulation, high customer demand and the need to secure IP, battery module and pack manufacturers have to square many circles to stay competitive. The rewards for winners will be big, while the risk to fail is high.

Digital symmetry of business and marketplace

When digitization is transforming marketplaces, the same is true for each market participant. The agility, speed and efficiency needed to react to dynamic market conditions can only be achieved through the resolute digitization of a company’s own processes. This is particularly true for everything related to product and business innovation.

Is Product Lifecycle Management the answer?

Digitizing innovation can be very complex and an endeavor as unique as every individual company. Methods and tools vary with people, business and technology. At the same time, collaboration and communication standards, although digital per se, still persist in digital silos, requiring manual dispatch, conversion and control. This is especially true for Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing tools and their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems. While they have been solving some of the innovation and collaboration challenges in the past, they have been the privilege of large organizations.  Especially when it relates to “best-of-breed” applications which really help in achieving the speed and precision required in highly competitive markets.

Squaring circles with the Cloud

The cloud is “hosting” ever more business processes and the same is true for innovation. Word-class applications for 3D, Engineering and PLM, delivered on the cloud, are getting affordable, scalable and performing enough for dynamic businesses of any size. They minimize IT cost and administration, while delivering the IP security and power for demanding design and engineering work. They also provide out-of-the box capability for project governance, portfolio and requirements management – essential capabilities for Battery Manufacturers in defining and defending their position on the Battery value chain.


Like it’s true for all industries, Battery Manufacturers too succeed when they deliver optimal experiences to their customers beyond products and services. Besides perfect chemistry and engineering, consistently delivering optimal packs for an Electronics Vehicle requires addressing business and even social factors. The cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform from Dassault Systèmes has been created to meet the innovation challenges of companies of any size and ambition. The platform supports battery cell and pack design, systems modeling, simulation, manufacturing and system integration. It also provides secure, out-of-the box lifecycle management and governance across all stakeholders, inside the company and across the entire battery value chain. The platform contains advanced analysis capability for efficient decision making and can span to marketing and demand planning. Inspire and empower your people and your ecosystem with 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud, and only the sky is the limit!

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