Digital Transformation of Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Operations

Accelerate innovation and deliver differentiation in the competitive renewable energy industry

Wind power has dominated the renewable energy industry for many decades, however, increased demand presents challenges for manufacturers to transform their legacy computing capabilities and systems. To experience continued growth and profitability in a highly competitive landscape, the wind energy industry needs to embrace digital transformation to support its manufacturing and planning needs.

Manufacturers can utilize DELMIA's platform-based manufacturing and operations solution to: 

  • Achieve a standardized and integrated manufacturing approach based on single source of truth
  • Plan and validate manufacturing processes virtually before production starts
  • Ensure higher product quality and targeted production throughput
  • Respond to changes with flexibility and agility
  • Employ an integrated sales and operations planning based on realistic forecasts 
  • Tackle complex transportation planning of on-shore and off-shore installations

Learn how to gain a leading edge in the wind turbine manufacturing by reading our white paper.

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