Digital Rail Delivery

Early project adoption of integrated data-driven digital design is key to bringing high returns for operations and maintenance.

Delivering Intelligent Integrated Digital Rail Systems and Operations & Maintenance

Early adoption of intelligent digital delivery is essential to lay the foundation for a successful rail operations and maintenance phase (O&M)—both for new transit systems and legacy systems planned for expansion or modernization.

The O&M phase of a rail project’s lifecycle typically spans the longest duration and is also the most critical one. As rail systems become more complex, digital and technology-driven, there is a growing need for effective O&M services to ensure rail equipment runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the entire system lifecycle with minimum downtime and interruptions. To meet demand, rail systems must be maintained and operated efficiently, reliably and safely, to ensure that they can provide the required capacity. To bring optimal affordability, the design must reflect the complex needs for the construction phase and incorporate O&M knowledge for the ongoing operation of the rail system. The transit system operators of today rely on clear visibility for all assets involved with the rail system. Digital delivery enables a deep understanding of where failures may occur, identification of system vulnerabilities and proactive measures to prevent service interruption.

Read the WSP whitepaper with Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Dassault Systemes to understand how an integrated information model and virtual twin enable the development of optimal O&M solutions for rail systems.

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