Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT Whitepaper

Success with a Single Platform

In the current trend toward digitalization, manufacturers increasingly rely on a range of technology platforms to help streamline and accelerate their production processes. These organizations often deploy multiple, single-use systems and tools, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, or Virtual Reality (VR). One of their goals is to better understand and utilize Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. However, vendors sell these technologies individually and since they lack integration, companies are unable to capitalize on the information they’ve gathered.

It’s only after deployment that business and IT leaders realize the value and effectiveness of a unified platform. Instead of achieving their goal of fast and improved production and operations fueled by the IoT, these companies become mired in pilot purgatory, unable to meet the digital demand across their internal value chains and broader supply chains.

Download this 12-page whitepaper written with IoT World now and learn:

  • Why single-use deployments simply mirror outdated manufacturing hierarchies
  • Why manufacturers require a unified collaborative environment that can synchronize operations across design, engineering, production, and supply chains
  • The importance of real-time data
  • How to achieve an effective IIoT platform-centered strategy
  • How Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform harnesses emerging technologies to incorporate customer feedback into the design process and increase customization
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