The Digital Lab: Improving Operational Excellence, Collaboration and Time to Market

Today’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is marked by fierce competition and shortening product lifecycles. As a result, many leading CPG companies have introduced initiatives to automate routine, non-value-added tasks related to data capture, cataloguing and documentation activities to streamline operations and improve collaboration. The drive to “go paperless” provides unique opportunities to help organizations leverage existing experimental and operational resources to foster collaboration and shorten time to market.

Today’s digital environment drives improved “Scientific Product Lifecycle Management,” delivering technology infrastructure capable of integrating and automating critical processes and enabling scientists to capture and share critical information and data across the product lifecycle.

Download this BIOVIA white paper to learn how a digital lab can address the challenges faced by today’s organizations by integrating and standardizing data, resources and processes to ultimately improve operational excellence, collaboration and time-to-market.