Designing a Compact Ridged Waveguide Filter

Filter Repsonse, Coupling and Tuning

The proliferation of mobile communication systems and protocols means frequency spectrum utilization is increasingly restricted – realizing the stringent channel specifications requires high-performance band-pass filters. Satellite systems in particular are very exact in frequency, power, size and weight requirements: the filter response should produce a steep cut-off to avoid channel interference and to adhere to various standards, but size and space are typically restricted. Cavity filters are typically the preferred choice due to their power handling capabilities, but they are often bulky and heavy. Multi-mode cavity filters are therefore an attractive alternative.

Multi-mode cavity filters offer high power handling and good performance as a compact device. Such filters are complex and sensitive to changes in the structure, meaning that their design can be time-consuming or even impossible with conventional methods.

This whitepaper shows:

  • how the filter synthesis tool Filter Designer 3D, part of the simulation software CST Studio Suite®, can be used to design and tune a multi-mode compact ridged waveguide filter to meet stringent specifications.

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