Designing Automotive Ethernet with Electromagnetic Simulation

Virtual EMC Testing of Onboard Electronics

The number of electronic components in the average car is increasing and smart vehicles are a major driver of growth in the automotive market. Designing an elec­tronic system in isolation always poses a challenge to the electronic engineer, but connecting multiple sys­tems creates additional challenges. Communication between these electronic systems based on high-performance standards is key for fast and proper data transfer.

For example, modern electronic systems like infotainment and advanced driver-assis­tance systems (ADAS) require very high bandwidth for video streaming. The traditional vehicle bus protocols like Controller Area Network (CAN) are not able to provide enough bandwidth. Automotive Ethernet is one of the leading proposals for an upgrade.

In this whitepaper, learn about:

  • BroadR-Reach®, a point-to-point Ethernet Physical Layer standard for automotive applications
  • Virtual prototyping with electromagnetic simulation to allow potential interference issues to be identified earlier in the design process, potentially saving time and money
  • Examples based on the coupling of the full wave 3D model to a circuit simulation

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