Design Your Way


Make any vision come to life with the 3DEXPERIENCE™ Cloud platform

As a designer, you need tools that match your creative vision.

Whether you’re creating a pair of headphones, a washing machine or a biopod for the next Mars colony, your design platform should deliver more – at every step of the way. 

When designer Tony Parez-Edo set out to design the innovative E-Flow Air Purifier, he chose the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform for its agility, technical versatility and collaborative capabilities.

From modeling Calatrava’s Umbracle, to visiting a community of industrial designers in South Africa, Tony took his cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE apps with him on his design journey, anytime, anywhere.

Keep reading to see how Tony worked on the platform to create the cutting-edge E-Flow Air Purifier from the earliest concepts to the production stage. 

Time to rethink your design experience.