Design for Life

Dassault Systèmes invites you to a series of talks around sustainable design and innovation, developed in collaboration with Dezeen. 

Design for Life is a collaboration between Dezeen and Dassault Systèmes focusing on how science and technology can empower designers to build a better, more sustainable world.

After a lively inaugural session, we deep dive into the world of 5 inspiring designers and creatives, all working with science and technology to harness sustainable change in their industries. We wrap up with a conversation on nature, architecture & technology.

How can science empower designers to build a more sustainable world?

Marcus Fairs > Headshot > Dassault Systèmes®

Marcus Fairs

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Dezeen

Anne Asensio > Headshot > Dassault Systèmes®

Anne Asensio

Vice President Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Arthur Mamou-Mani > Headshot > Dassault Systèmes®

Arthur Mamou-Mani

Founder of Mamou-Mani Architects

Arthur Mamou-Mani, Anne Asensio and Marcus Fairs share their vision on how technologies can foster human and sustainable innovation, and support designers' creativity.


Designers and creatives making sustainable change

Julia Koerner

Julia Koerner Design

Award-winning Austrian designer Julia Koerner’s work blurs the lines between architecture, fashion and product design, with a particular emphasis on 3D printing and material innovation. Watch as she describes her design influences and process, and shows some of her latest creations, touching on biomimicry, computational design and patterns.

Michael Pawlyn

Exploration Architecture

With Exploration Architecture, Michael focuses on regenerative design approaches that go beyond conventional sustainable design. Watch him expand on his inspirations and ambitions for architecture with positive impact, through biomimicry, efficient design solutions, clever material sourcing and use.

Nassia Inglessis

Studio INI

An artist, engineer and designer, Nassia Inglessis, founded Studio INI — an experimental practice that couples design with scientific research in the shape of immersive installations, demonstrating enhanced human experience in urban architecture. Discover how she works with complex 3D modelization and simulations, one hand on the computer and another on the material, and manages to create a fruitful dialogue between physical & digital.

Arthur Mamou-Mani

Mamou-Mani Architects

Mamou-Mani Architects specializes in digitally designed and fabricated architecture. The practice believes in innovation, craft and evolving architecture’s role in society by utilizing new technologies. Arthur shares his systemic perspective: from material sourcing to end-of-life, from assembly to disassembly, from a vision to a public experience of modular, parametric & generative design.

Thierry Metroz

DS Automobiles

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, Thierry engages and experiments with new technologies, materials, methods, all in keeping with “the spirit of avant-garde” as he builds the automotive DS brand. Discover their processes and how virtual universes allow sensible design and sensitive decision-making at every step, as illustrated with their latest concept car, the DS Aero Sport Lounge.

Live talk on nature, architecture & technology: Design in progress

To conclude our series, we gathered Nassia Inglessis, Michael Pawlyn and Arthur Mamou-Mani around Dezeen editor Marcus Fairs to discuss how experimental projects drive change in the design and architecture industry, how new accessibility of powerful design software is impacting architecture and sustainability. Watch their inspiring testimonials, and how they thrive to design for life…


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