Better Industrial Performance with Digital Twin Design

3DEXPERIENCE Digital Twin on the cloud

With a simple internet connection, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud brings these true-to-life virtual clones into the real world, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Instantly gather valuable insight into the real-world performance of products and processes to improve engineering, reduce costs and gaining in competitive advantage with cloud based CAD solutions.

What is Digital Twin at design stage

A Design Digital twin is a digital representation of an object or system with contextual & operational awareness. It allows you to simulate systems through their visual representations along with their physical behavior before real-world product exists.

3DEXPERIENCE twins integrate product data through a range of unified design products like CATIA for mechanical and system design and SIMULIA for finite element analysis and simulation.


We recently collaborated with on a survey among SMB engineers which revealed the interesting benefits that MBSE using Virtual Twin provides:

  • Increase engineering efficiency with all data readily available on one single environment, available to all team members

  • Detect and solve potential problems early with  integrated data and simulations

  • Understand the behavior of the real product thanks multidisciplinary system of systems simulations and fine tune the product’s future user experience

  • Make rapid and accurate decisions based on simulation results

Evolution of digital-twin technology

Multidisciplinary capabilities enable designers to progressively enhance their model with additional facets, going further than just geometry and part design, embedding system characteristics of the product into the model.

This is commonly called Model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Through simulation of several types of realistic behaviors, the model becomes a virtual “asset” using advanced functional and physical modeling.

By integrating all data on one platform, 3DEXPERIENCE twin allows manufacturers to analyze information within its complete context and create accurate virtual models for experimentation.

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