Design Complex Civil Projects at Full Speed and Full Scale

The promise of a virtual twin is now a reality for civil design

Civil engineers have struggled for too long with siloed workflows, 2D deliverables, insufferable rework cycles, and antiquated processes. Your experience so far with virtual twins has fallen flat or outright failed—most modeling solutions simply can’t scale to the size of an infrastructure project. The promise of improved productivity using robust design tools also feels far-fetched, given how much is required to invest upfront. 

How can you deliver detailed designs at full scale, iterate at full speed, and improve the quality of all your projects?

Think Big
The 3DEXERIENCE platform is equipped to handle full-scale infrastructure projects with a powerful set of generative design tools to break through the limitations of traditional processes.

Using Civil Infrastructure Design, your team will reuse elements across projects to rapidly build efficiencies. Intelligent templates based on your internal best practices codify your intellectual property for all future projects.

With collaborative engineering enabled by the 3DEXERIENCE platform, the quality of your design is validated early and often. Conflicts are resolved efficiently. The virtual twin serves as a single source of truth to ensure transparency and alignment across all project stakeholders.

Start Small
Capture and reuse core project knowledge. Then continuously improve from project to project. As your knowledge base grows, speed and precision become competitive advantages and your future bids become unbeatable.

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Deliver High-Quality Designs on Time and on Budget, Deliver Lifecycle Cost-Conscious Designs

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Adopt City-Scale Parametric Design Tools & Automation, Collaborative Engineering, Resolve Conflicts Efficiently

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Improve Design Quality, Reduce Design Time, Reduce Risk and Cost, Improve Visibility and Control Across Disciplines

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How does China Railway Design Corporation design projects efficiently while improving cross-discipline collaboration?

CRDC uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to increase efficiency and collaboration for every involved discipline in the design process of their railway projects.

Build Bridges to Capital Efficiency and Contribute to Communities > Engineers >  Dassault Systèmes®

What does template-based 3D design look like in action?

Build Bridges to Capital Efficiency and Contribute to Communities - Dassault Systèmes. Watch this video articulating the new way of design and construction for civil infrastructure construction projects.

How to build a bridge to capital efficiency and contribute to communities > Bridge >  Dassault Systèmes®

How can infrastructure projects be capital efficient and contribute to communities?

Infrastructure projects can profit from improved capital efficiencies and customer relationships when a ‘virtual twin’ is used in every phase of infrastructure lifecycle management.

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