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Collaborate, model and optimize your operations with DELMIA and 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Discover how DELMIA solutions can help you deliver digital continuity across the virtual and real worlds of operations.

Discover DELMIA solutions:

Operational excellence requires harmony across the value network. DELMIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides a complete solution to value network stakeholders: from suppliers, to manufacturers, to logistics and transportation providers, to service operators and work forces.


DELMIA Collaborative Operations solution provides a holistic, model-based, and data-driven digital backbone that breaks down the silos between diverse functional users from engineering, operations, and supply chain

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DELMIA Ortems and DELMIA Quintiq

DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization power reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes within manufacturing, logistics, transit and workforce operations - across all planning horizons. The result is feasible plans, optimized against key performance indicators, always in sync with the realities of the business.

DELMIA Ortems allows you to achieve agile manufacturing through its Advanced Planning and Scheduling tools while DELMIA Quintiq enables you to plan your entire value chain, including Sales & Operations Planning and Logistics.

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DELMIA Industrial Engineering

DELMIA 3D Virtual Factory allows manufacturing and service providers to virtually experience their entire operations from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand.

Customers can virtually validate value networks, factory layouts, transportation plans, process plans, logistics plans and workforce plans to quickly respond to the competition or new market opportunities.

DELMIA Industrial Engineering solutions are ideal for ergonomics, fabrication and robotics manufacturers.

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DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations solutions transforms global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. By providing a model-based, data-driven digital user experience, customers can establish a common set of operational processes that can be created, managed, and governed holistically on a global scale.

DELMIA Apriso can bring your Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to the next level by creating a shared digital landscape and continuity.  Expand your Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to quality, inventory and labor operations

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Discover more about DELMIA

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Why choose DELMIA?

  • It provides full traceability with data-driven analysis
  • It offers full access to all product, process and resource data with a unified data model from engineering to the shop floor
  • DELMIA customers rely on the same fully integrated 100%-fit planning and optimization solution to plan their workforce, manufacturing environment and logistics operations.
  • Gain visibility with planning and scheduling to minimize disruptions
  • Simulate, with tools to virtually define and optimize manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning.   
  • It allows you to Orchestrate people, plant and equipment processes to improve collaboration

What our customers say:

Laboratoires M&L, L’Occitane Group

Laboratoires M&L, the manufacturing division of L’Occitane Group, faced a challenge of dealing with the fluctuations in natural raw materials and delivering its products on time. With DELMIA Apriso, the company now manages production and procurement flows with real-time output of KPIs and report of on-site activities.

Van den Bosch Transporten

Van den Bosch Transporten is a bulk logistics provider that specializes in transporting liquids and dry bulk products for several industries. DELMIA Quintiq was chosen to solve the company’s complex planning puzzle through a single, integrated planning and optimization platform.


ARMOR is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons – such as parcel shipping labels, foodstuff use-by dates and garment label washing instructions. ARMOR used DELMIA Ortems to control their shop floor production in order to reduce human intervention, promote sustainability and elevate customer service levels.

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