Deliver Quality Products to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Total Quality Management can "just happen" with complete digital continuity

Manufacturers are often faced with quality challenges in the innovation process. Poor quality management can lead to wasted time, device recalls, fines and unhappy customers. Manufacturers must get it done right the first time. By implementing the right digital innovation platform, Manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of recalls, avoid fines and meet customer expectations. 

Digital continuity ensures that knowledge can be shared consistently throughout the product lifecycle. With a Total Quality Management strategy, all stakeholders share a common goal of improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. Download the eBook to learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help:

  • Embed quality throughout the enterprise to reduce recalls, reworks, batch wastage, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain an accurate Device Master Record that is kept up to date in real time as product configuration and specifications change.
  • Make better material compliance decisions and ensure accurate compliance reporting.

Total Quality Management Video

Turn quality management into a competitive advantage by embedding quality decisions into every aspect of product development, from ideation to delivery.  Benefits include better first-time quality, less likelihood of recalls, avoiding fines and happier customers.

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