Decarbonisation through Digitalisation

How can digitalisation accelerate the decarbonisation of the future of aviation?

Decarbonising aviation is now on the agenda of every executive in the aerospace industry. Climate change commitments have led aviation experts to outline structural changes that could rebuild the industry enabling their low carbon aspirations. That said, decarbonising the future of flight is easier said than done. Without a proper ecosystem to address and implement end-to-end low-carbon operations and infrastructure, the industry’s revenue models could be at risk.

While there are many possible technological levers today such as green hydrogen or electric aircraft, the industry is now focusing on building the right expertise around the industrialisation of these new technologies and building the right ecosystem of partners to deliver them at scale. This report focuses on how digitalisation can help accelerate decarbonisation and aims to offer tangible recommendations to translate current efforts into consistent zero-carbon precision for aircraft

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