Simplify the complex and see everything throughout the lifetime of your mining operations


Watch the video for a brief overview of our mining portfolio

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What you need to do

Drive operational excellence and long-term shareholder value. Reduce health, safety, and environmental risks. Plan, allocate, and release capital with greater certainty and discipline. Adapt to shifting regulatory requirements. Deliver better outcomes.

What we do

Lifecycle management for capital facilities and projects, resources, and operations. We do it through our portfolio of solutions that include:

  • Strategic Geology Modeling
  • Strategic Resource Modeling
  • Strategic Mine Planning
  • Capital Facilities Information Excellence
  • Tactical Mine Planning
  • Operational Mine Planning and Scheduling
  • Mine Execution
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How we do it?

It starts with our 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, which allows you to build a virtual twin of your entire mining operation.

This enables you to design, model, simulate, optimize, and predict in the virtual world so that you can schedule and execute better in the real world.

Improve understanding. Innovate. Deliver better outcomes.

  • Drive faster project delivery by simulating maintenance activities for processing plants and mobile equipment fleets
  • Increase Net Present Value with better orebody knowledge
  • Improve through-life governance from exploration to planning, design and operations
  • Optimize operations and production output.


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Partner with us.

Put our 40 years of experience in multi-disciplinary competencies to work for you.

Capture the power of digital simulation, data analytics, augmented reality and virtual reality to create your own solutions or let our engineering services teams deliver improved results through our Outcomes-Based Services Offering.

What you get

  • Simulations of hundreds of scenarios that let you select the best option for each stage of the planning cycle for optimized economic results
  • Process integration and automation of simulations
  • Holistic view of your entire mine planning process as a unified system
  • The ability to solve complex problems
  • Optimized sustainability
  • Improved confidence in your decisions.