Customer-Centricity: An Imperative for Demand-Driven Services

How can you be more client focused to meet the challenge of the “consumerization” of financial services?

Increase transparency, efficiency and simplicity

Since the 2008 financial crisis, stringent regulations enforced to protect customers are key drivers of change in the financial services sector. They have triggered a need for greater transparency, improved efficiencies to reduce operating costs, and a more customer centric approach to deliver products that meet the changing demands of customers.  How is the Asset Management sector addressing these demands? 

In this paper, we discuss the need to build on the foundation of industrialized processes, strong execution, and replicating success to derive customer centric benefits. By taking this approach, providing efficiency, transparency, and simplicity—institutions can be more client focused and are better placed to meet the challenge of the “consumerization” of financial services.

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