CTfile Formats

Standardizing Chemical Representation

Download: Connection Table Documentation

BIOVIA has published many of the file formats we use for communicating chemical structures, reactions, and data (see Arthur Dalby et al., J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci, 1992, 32, 244-255).

The CTfile Formats document fully describes the formats for CTfiles (chemical table files). It is an invaluable reference for any software programmer who is coding an application that parses files written in one or more of the CTfile formats.

CTfiles are supported in the following BIOVIA applications:

  • BIOVIA Insight and Insight for Excel
  • BIOVIA Draw and Pipette
  • BIOVIA Direct
  • BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Chemistry Collection & SDK
  • BIOVIA Materials Studio
  • BIOVIA Discovery Studio
  • BIOVIA ScienceCloud
  • BIOVIA Unified Lab
  • BIOVIA Databases
  • BIOVIA Isentris 

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