Creative Industrial Design with 3DEXPERIENCE® CATIA

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As the global economy becomes more and more competitive, designing appealing products is no longer enough. Nowadays, consumers look for a comprehensive experience and sustainable innovation when they are considering a new purchase. This means that design processes must become user-centric in order to take into account every aspect of future users’ needs. 

Design Thinking’s user-centered approach has enabled designers to bring more innovative products to market faster by factoring in user experience at every step of the design process. But creatives who want to apply this framework need a dedicated array of design tools that will allow them to work iteratively and collaborate easily in a virtual environment to enhance their creativity and innovate.

This e-book gives an overview of the Design Thinking approach in an industrial environment and shows you how you can apply its framework with 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA’s Creative Design portfolio.
Learn about how you can:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with all project stakeholders

  • Experiment with generative and visual script design applications

  • Produce photorealistic images with advanced rendering algorithms

  • Advance sustainability with unified modeling and simulation

  • Virtually prototype your product and get to market faster

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