Creating an Environment of Innovation

Learn how your company can better connect its entire product development ecosystem to accelerate innovation and achieve your business objectives.

An Environment of Innovation - Whitepaper

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Competition from new entrants and customer pressure to deliver increasingly complex products at faster rates make innovation and operational excellence critical aspects of success. 

A proven way companies address complexity is by adopting product lifecycle management (PLM) to manage product engineering processes. While a necessary first step, PLM alone is no longer enough if you intend to optimize your product development and manufacturing processes and integrate your supply chain. Linking non-engineering activities to PLM information in one data model on a single platform is the answer to keeping everyone involved in sync, from concept to takeoff. 

This white paper discusses the role of PLM in addressing product development challenges and why augmenting PLM with a platform approach provides maximum advantage. Companies that connect their entire product development ecosystem or value network can better accelerate innovation and achieve business objectives.