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Collaboration is the key to science-driven industries such as Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Energy & Materials, especially today when the ability to work remotely while staying connected is more important than ever. In recent years, science-based companies have begun to externalize their research teams to address rising cost and risk pressures, improve innovation and focus on core competencies. Industries are rapidly restructuring their product research and development models into fully integrated R&D networks in which large parts of the R&D process is conducted through external industry and academic partners, research institutes, consortia and contract research organizations (CROs). This fast change presents significant challenges in implementing the systems needed to support remote research, and to insure these networks can operate efficiently, accelerate innovation, reduce risk and lower the cost of product development. 

With the adoption of a cloud platform, companies can significantly enhance scientific collaborative projects, increase operational agility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  Organizations are often uncertain about the best way to evaluate, select and implement a cloud platform.

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“Scientists have always worked together to generate knowledge, but sharing data and scientific information was slow and time consuming and in the race to bring innovative therapies to sick patients there is no time to wait.  New ways of working, new players, new technologies and the transition to new models of care are changing the landscape and today scientists are collaborating online, instantly connected from anywhere.”

Claire BIOT
Vice President, Life Sciences Industry

The Challenge

In industries where the speed to create new, innovative solutions addressing unmet needs is almost as important as the solutions themselves, science-based companies struggle to connect the information dots. Daily, they face the significant challenge of effectively harnessing collective knowledge within the organization and across their externalized network to ensure that the right information is being utilized to drive better decisions and fuel innovation. 

Science-based companies need to spend more time doing science. To accomplish this, they need the ability to share and collaborate remotely, while at the same time efficiently leveraging an open ecosystem of web and mobile-accessible applications. When they do, the result is a more holistic collaboration strategy that can better address unmet needs, while also reducing costs, minimizing risk and maximizing value. 

The Solution

Innovative scientists are turning to BIOVIA ScienceCloud – a scalable cloud solution that supports Collaborative Scientific Innovation across research, development and quality control. With ScienceCloud, science-based organizations can collaborate securely and easily with cloud security and minimal IT support. ScienceCloud allows scientists to access, share and respond to experimental data and results from any location and enables cloud-hosted remote management of materials inventory through a centralized information repository, making it easier to track available materials and procure new ones. ScienceCloud provides project-centered IP cloud database storage in a secure information warehouse and enforces sponsor business rules on results posted by network partners.  

With ScienceCloud, organizations can minimize their Information Technology (IT) overhead costs, freeing up internal resources by eliminating the need for internal IT staff to manage applications and servers, keep track of upgrades, maintain performance and manage cloud security. Virtual machines can be quickly spun up or down according to changing project needs. Secure access is delivered via SSL encryption, ensuring system cloud security regardless of user location. ScienceCloud enables authorized users anywhere in the world to collaborate securely and efficiently.

The Benefit

The most successful science-based organizations are those set up to collaborate in today’s challenging landscape, allowing them to reduce analysis cycles and shorten project timelines, better manage their chemical inventory and capture, access and share experimental information. Using Scientific Innovation and Research Execution and Scientific Project Collaboration Analytics, they can gain total control of externalized projects and accelerate collaborative and scientific innovation through accurate, efficient chemical tracking and reporting anytime, anywhere from a single business cloud platform.

Accelerate Cycle Time > Circle Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes

Accelerate Cycle Time
Up to 50%

Reduce Errors > Circle Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes

Reduce Errors
Up to 30%

Keep Inventory Current & Costs Low > Circle Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes

Keep Inventory Current & Costs Low
At least 35% Lower

Save Time in Collecting & Sharing Data > Circle Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes

Save Time in Collecting & Sharing Data
Up to 80%

A Real Business Story

Discover how a global leader in biotechnology innovation implemented a unified laboratory management solution to connect data silos while leveraging data, processes and knowledge for better decisions. With nearly 2,000 scientists, twice as many instruments and a variety of systems spread across multiple locations, the customer faced a seemingly insurmountable task attempting to innovate at speed.

“You can never imagine all the possible ways you may wish to re-interpret experimental data in the future. With BIOVIA, our future work is no longer limited by disparate, unstructured data in unconnected silos.”

Director of Science
Global Biopharmaceutical R&D Company

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