Contain Costs in Food and Beverage with Optimized Product Specification Management

It’s time to get real about cost control. Here’s a proven strategy for smarter sourcing of raw material equivalents that cost less but perform just as well

In the face of increasing raw material costs, product specification management can be a real challenge to get right. If not done effectively, it could end up hurting your margins.

But imagine if you could source for raw material equivalents that deliver high performance while being cost-effective. This is part of a better strategy for food and beverage, which is to work on a single source of truth that gives you access to all ingredient and costing information globally. The result: Optimized material substitutions and procurement.

Just ask our food and beverage customers who have seen real results and contained their costs on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Now, it’s your turn.

Here’s how your digital transformation journey can take place:

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Address rising raw material costs without sacrificing quality

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One source of truth for qualified material equivalents

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Optimize sourcing and reduce spend pools up to 15% per year

Play video: See how a global food and beverage manufacturer optimized product specifications

Follow the journey of a multinational food and beverage company as it transformed its operations for optimized materials sourcing and specification management. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the company gained quick visibility of all the ingredient and sourcing information used in its broad portfolio of products.

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