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Commercialize products directly from CAD data. In today’s experience economy, the line between physical and digital aspects of products has been blurred to the point where they now complement each other.

Digital product experiences, as drivers of customer engagement, should be used to augment the physical product, beginning early in the design phase.  Essentially: create the product and digital experiences simultaneously to communicate value, functions, and options along the way. This fast-tracks evolution, approval, and launch.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects product design and engineering with the media and customer experience space. This creates a seamless enterprise pipeline for brand-centric product storytelling and development. Breakthroughs in automation, governance, experience and content creation allow 3DEXCITE to offer innovative toolsets. Users create more powerful product experiences with much less effort than was previously required. 

Experience Governance

The security of your data is at the heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and enterprise-level IP protection ensures full access control as it moves from design and engineering to media and experience creation. To give brands even more data flexibility, a Commercial Twin can be created that retains all relevant product information, such as: market-specific variations, trim options, material assignments, naming and price. glTF™, a lightweight web and eCommerce-ready format, can leverage the Commercial Twin, and accelerate brands’ adoption of 3D, interactive, online product experiences, bringing renewed vitality to the customer journey.

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Content Creation

3DEXCITE puts powerful  media creation tools into the hands of users, while requiring minimal training and specialization. With the apps from the xPortfolio offering, even non-professional creators can efficiently generate high-fidelity, customizable content to feed all channels. All media is product-correct, and continuously up-to-date, due to its connection to the product’s original 3D CAD data as a single source of truth. Time and resources are saved, while higher ROI is realized through greater customer engagement.

Experience Building

3DEXCITE has been building incredible customer experiences for over two decades, and has constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the digital space. With the recent uptick in engagement on digital platforms, more brands have sought our expertise at transforming their product data for use on all commercial channels. The investment and work in lightweight formats, such as glTF™, allows 3DEXCITE’s software and services to deliver rich virtual experiences that could not have been created otherwise.

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