Reimagining Logistics to Take Delivery Performance to New Heights

Technologies and strategies to streamline the logistics sector for the future

Prolonged disruption to just about every industrial sector worldwide has forced companies to adjust their approach to supply chains. Within two years, the world saw a drastic shift in customer demand for different types of goods and their expectations for increased last-mile delivery. At the same time, companies strain to deal with the complexities of planning around critical constraints in their supply chain—from the lack of supply chain visibility to workforce shortage and operational inefficiencies.
Companies have much to do in transforming their supply chains to keep up with the reality of the scenario our world is facing today, and one of the places to start is in modern logistics. End-to-end visibility, optimized transport asset utilization, increased automation and sustainable operations are some of the trends shaping the vision of what future logistics look like.
In a Dassault Systèmes collaboration with Reuters Events, we explore the challenges and complexities in logistics today. Discover transformation strategies and digital solutions that can help streamline the logistics sector to drive excellent customer service, efficient and fully optimized operations, improved profitability, and reduced carbon footprint.

Crushing Constraints with Streamlined Logistics

Shaping more streamlined logistics operations requires companies to take a multi-directional approach to improve efficiency. By taking measures to improve end-to-end visibility, enhance supply chain planning capacity, optimize asset utilization and introduce automated processes, logistics companies can do much to overcome critical constraints in their operations and set themselves up for long-term success.

Download the whitepaper by Reuters Events to explore an expert analysis of the state of the logistics industry today, opportunities to drive improvement, as well as the solutions and strategies that can make it happen. You will learn:

  • How improved logistics planning can help companies overcome supply chain constraints
  • How to transform and optimize logistics operations for increased throughput
  • How to achieve sustainability and success in last-mile delivery operations

Combatting Increasingly Complex Restraints in Logistics Operations

Catch the webinar replay to gain insights from industry experts on opportunities for logistics companies to drive improvement. Then, deep dive into industry challenges and discover the technologies that will drive significant impact in shaping a more efficient logistics sector.

Achieving Resource Utilization in Rail-freight Logistics

Learn why DELMIA Quintiq was chosen by Green Cargo, which serves 360 locations across Sweden and Norway, to support the planning its rail assets, and is now given the trust to also implement the solution in its road division.