Collaborative planning and scheduling software for the cable business sector

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Vice President, Industrial Equipment, Dassault Systemès

The cable business sector is under heavy pressure: global industry, new entrants, price pressures, deregulation of domestic markets, multiplication of new product references, local production with shipping constraints, etc. Cables are complex products that use dozens of components. Cables are fragile and heavy and have to be shipped on reels under significant safety conditions. Midway between weaving and injection, cables are increasingly difficult to produce on the same line, entailing the creation of inventory and the need to plan so flows don’t intersect. The efficiency of cable manufacturers involves using resources optimally and synchronizing production flows perfectly.

A unique line of collaborative planning and scheduling software for the cable business sector DELMIA Ortems has served the cable industry for many years and offers planning software adapted to its primary business segments: standard or special cables (energy, telecom, marine, infrastructure, industry, submarine, wires, and fiber optics) for all types of production – make-to-stock, make-to-order, or mixed mode production.

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