Rapidly Evaluate Design Performance to Accelerate Innovation

Discover the benefits of Fluid Flow and Thermal Analysis Unified with 3D Design and PLM applications

Design and engineering teams often face extreme challenges of meeting product performance requirements under constant constraints of resources, budget, and time. Additional complexity arises when evaluating fluid flow & thermal behavior is required as a function of the product design.

By using CFD simulation unified with CAD and PLM on the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform.

Designers and engineers are able to meet key performance requirements, such as optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, and minimal pressure losses by using accurate fluid flow and thermal analysis, earlier in the development cycle.

SIMULIA Fluid Dynamics Engineer makes it faster and easier to model and analyze hundreds of design options, with a guided user interface, automatic fluid extraction and meshing, and a fully automated design exploration process.

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  • Unified modeling & simulation (MODSIM) to rapidly explore design alternatives at early stage.
  • Guided user experience to accelerate product innovation
  • Comprehensive coverage of mainstream fluid flow and thermal simulation across multiple industries the concept and design stages
  • HPC, storage & post-processing on-cloud reduces IT infrastructure costs
  • Collaborate seamlessly with key stakeholders across the value chain

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