Civil Infrastructure Virtual Twin

The civil infrastructure development process digitalized

Civil Infrastructure Virtual Twin

Infrastructures are large-scale and highly complex systems that are meant to be operated over a long period of time and subject to very thorough regulations and restrictions from national/continental regulation authorities. In this context, promoters have to build a unified referential – a “single source of truth” and achieve full traceability on requirements, data, and deliverables, and therefore efficiently prove compliance with regulations and constraints, with no compromises made on quality nor performance. With a large focus on sustainability, discover how CATIA can help reach business and governance targets while putting the environment at the forefront. 

For civil infrastructures, all stakeholders need to get a true virtual environment that can be inserted inside their project management team. With CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Twin, discover how partners designed complex urban planning projects, and complex underground projects

CATIA TV Linear & Transportation Infrastructure

With CATIA TV Linear & Transportation Infrastructure, discover how far CATIA can go to develop specialized transportation infrastructure virtual twin. 

CATIA TV Linear & Transportation Infrastructure > Dassault Systèmes

CATIA for Construction of Underground Structures

Via the voice of Andrew Bourget, its founder, and CATIA champion, deep dive into how CATIA enabled the construction of underground structures of the ECO-caverne type, being the solution in response to the objectives of the Swiss law on spatial planning, and the 2050 energy strategy of the confederation.

Northwest Engineering Corporation

Northwest Engineering Corporation wanted to expand its global activities and diversify its service offering. The company adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to ensure digital continuity across its entire engineering project lifecycle, to speed up its design processes, to streamline collaboration and to enable design reuse.