CATIA Virtual Twin for Electrical Systems Design Process Continuity

Manage traceability along the entire electrical systems life-cycle

Challenges For todays Electrical System Design

Today’s products are becoming more and more complicated. Requirements and connectivity to other systems is also growing exponentially. Most companies still use a multitude of disconnected systems to create individual silos of specific components which limits cross discipline collaboration & integration, making it difficult to build a complete systems view that integrates multiple engineering disciplines. Prototypes are costly to produce and usually not available until late in the development process. This all results in costly errors, rework and late or failed delivery.

Extend the end to end Electrical process using a Virtual Twin

Overcome the challenges of today’s complicated products by using the powerful 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with a complete wire harness lifecycle management solution that can be quickly and easily integrated with existing tools & processes. Virtual twins or digital replicas of existing or future systems accurately capture and predict the behavior of complex systems. This accelerates the development while reducing time to market, ensuring electrical systems quality, reducing physical prototypes and reducing costs

Virtual Twin for Electrical Systems Design Process continuity

Watch this short demonstration video to experience the benefits of a collaborative multi-discipline platform to manage traceability along the entire electrical systems life-cycle’.

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Collaborative Design for CATIA V5

Open up the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for collaborative 3D Electrical systems development. Improve quality and reduce design time while you continue to use your CATIA V5 data.

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Bombardier Customer Testimonial

See how Bombardier overcame the challenges of competing in today’s market while  greatly improving  their electrical systems processes with the use of CATIA. 

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