CATIA for Gigafactories

The Gigafactories development process digitalized

Industrial Infrastructures are large-scale and highly complex systems that are meant to be operated over a long period of time and subject to very thorough regulations and restrictions from national/continental regulation authorities. In this context, Owner Operators have to build a unified plant referential – a “single source of truth” and achieve full traceability on requirements, data, and deliverables, and therefore efficiently prove compliance with regulations and constraints, with no compromises made on quality nor performance.

With a focus on Gigafactories, the megafactories being built all around the world for the generation of batteries, see how CATIA is one of the foundations of the creation of these new strategic tools for sustainability.

CATIA for Gigafactories TV

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The Battery is the most critical components with Electric Vehicles. Not only the cost of the battery represent around 40% of the total cost of the EV, but also the battery is the key differentiator for car OEMs. Battery cells, and Battery cells manufacturers are therefore considered to be at the heart of the EV value chain. Discover the challenges of gigafactories through these 5 areas of expertise:

  • Smart production scale up and increasing speed of design
  • To improve overall productivity, processing time and quality of increasingly complex multi discipline engineering projects
  • Process Stability
  • Shrinking Operating Margins
  • Integration of global supply network

And discover the CATIA solutions that allow industrialization of sustainable batteries.