CATIA for Datacenters

CATIA TV for Datacenters

All the data exchange through Internet need to be stored and compute. That’s the role of the Data Center. Data Center can be of different size. The largest in the world corresponds to 23 football fields. They host thousand of racks with many server and storage equipment each. All those equipment consume power which can reach in some case half of the production of a nuclear generator, But in many case, this energy is not green.

With the help of CATIA, as well as the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, various stakeholders of Datacenters (designers, owners, and operators) will be able to manage the full lifecycle in the most sustainable way. Racks design, Building design and maintenance, systems of systems, modeling and simulation, discover the full suite of CATIA for Datacenters.

Access how CATIA is a valuable partner of the design and implementation of the most complex constructions and systems of systems. With a first focus on Datacenters with an end-to-end solution.

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