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How to transform product design to experience-centred design

Create Experiences with Design Thinking

If you think about buying a new product – maybe a bicycle, a lawnmower or a car – what is it that you are really thinking about? The adventures you will have riding your bike? How the smart new lawnmower will make your life easier by saving you time? How the exciting new car will meet all your needs? That’s it, right? You are thinking of the experience that you will have with this new purchase!

What does this mean to you as a designer?

Designing a new product is not just about creating an appealing shape. Design creates business through experience and emotion. It is essential to develop holistic consumer experiences based on Design Thinking methodologies and propose intelligent and sustainable consumer experiences. This way, design can change human behavior about sustainability by attracting people with beautiful, aesthetic and emotional experiences. 

Designing an innovative product means designing a completely emotional and compelling experience around humans and life. It is sustainable; it is connected to this customer as well as to his environment. For designers, it means a transformation from product design to sensitive consumer experience design.

To achieve such a high level of productivity, a constant integration within all departments related to this creation process is mandatory. Designers need to work collaboratively on ideas developing them together. 

Our customer HONDA explains how they have changed their design process in order to create experiences.

The Honda Life Creation Center

HONDA Life Creation Center wants to create products that spark joy in people’s lives through aesthetic design. 


The evolution of the consumer buying psychology means we need to put more emphasis on product design, which would motivate people to take action just by looking at our products. If it is a generator, for example, it would be a design that would make people want to go camping with it. That is the kind of highly-elevated design we want to achieve.

Toshinobu MINAMI
Senior Chief Engineer, Honda Life Creation Center

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