Improve Your Product Design Process with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

A single collaborative environment to seamlessly manage the entire product design process.

Product design has never been more critical. Customers are demanding products with complex features and lower costs. Companies struggle to meet performance, quality, time-to-market, and budget constraints using legacy systems. Product design teams are challenged to reduce the time between concept development, proof of concept, and production. The marketplace provides major benefits for being first to market and imposes costs for being last. 

3DEXPERIENCE includes 3D CAD tools that will help you accelerate product design, increase collaboration, foster innovation, improve efficiency, lower costs, and achieve faster speed-to-market.

Create a Better Product Design Environment

Use the Connected Engineering and 3D CAD solutions in 3DEXPERIENCE to create a collaborative product design environment. This will foster innovation and collaboration in your design team leading to deeper concept exploration, improved product performance, reduced costs and less risk.

Product Design is Going Lightweight

Manufacturers are being challenged to make products faster, at lower costs, with less material, and more sustainable. These new products must meet new demands for strength, stability, and safety while significantly reducing weight. 

Our Light Weight Engineering solutions let you design and engineer products to minimize weight, maximize stiffness, reduce costs, optimize material usage, and improve sustainability. Its capabilities will improve your efficiency and get you to market faster. 

Product Design Requires New Systems

Modern product design requires the creation of new systems and processes. Our Model Based Systems Engineering solution lets you create the required system architecture in concert with the physical product. Using our MagicGrid Framework you can move systems development to the start of the product life cycle and increase efficiency and productivity. 

Product Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is rapidly accelerating and 3DEXPERIENCE can help you improve innovation, drive lean operations, increase sustainability, customize products, create stronger value chains, and optimize products. 

Many additive manufacturers are not able to move beyond basic improvements of product and process design. Our Generative Design solution unleashes 3D CAD and the entire available design space while staying within established requirements and specifications. The result is you identify and apply superior solutions in less time leading to improved innovation and speed to market.

Product Design Starts with a Single Source of Truth

Product design is a collaborative effort. Great collaboration requires useable, accurate, and easy to share real-time data. However, members of the team are from multiple disciplines, use different systems, and find it very difficult to share useful data in a timely manner. 3DEXPERIENCE creates a single source of data for all stakeholders that is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Our 3DEXPERIENCE Platform improves your product design process by:
  • Providing a single source of data
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Reducing lead time
  • Designing with 3D CAD capabilities
  • Increasing the number of concepts developed and tested
  • Simulating real-world product behavior
  • Reusing existing components, processes, and designs
  • Improving design quality
  • Increasing productivity
  • Safeguarding data
  • Increasing speed to market

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