Enhance your creativity with CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE design tools on the cloud

Join our Live Streaming Event | December 18th 4:30pm CET.

Collaborative 3D Modelling Simulation > Motorcycle > Dassault Systèmes®

Design powered by the cloud has changed the way engineers and designers imagine and create new products, in record time. We can help you become a leader and build the world of tomorrow.

Join Dassault Systèmes experts and customer to discover the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud’s collaborative 3D modeling and simulation tools.

Discover the advantages of cloud-based design and simulation tools: 

  1. Enable design in the age of experience by modeling any product and doing so in the context of its real-life behavior
  2. Define, imagine, and shape the connected world
  3. Social design environment accessed via powerful 3D dashboards to drive business intelligence, real-time concurrent design, and collaboration across all stakeholders and mobile workers
  4. World-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to optimize the effectiveness of every user

In less than 1 hour, you will uncover the amazing advantages of cloud-based design tools and grasp the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in action. Ready?

    Event agenda that will change your thinking

    Changing  the paradigm with CATIA collaborative 3D modeling and simulation tools.

    • Keynote speech from Anne Asensio, Vice President Design Experience at Dassault Systèmes: future trends of design
    • In depth session with demonstration of CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud
    • Live Q&A session via online chat functions with Dassault Systèmes experts who can answer your questions

    Featuring :

    • Anne ASENSIO, Vice President Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes
    • Jan MALMBORG, Geo Leader Value Solutions EuroNorth, Dassault Systèmes
    • Peter HAWKINS, CATIA Sales Specialist, Dassault Systèmes

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    Catia 3DEXPERIENCE > Motorcycle > Dassault Systèmes®
    Cloud Online Conference Replay > Cloud Device > Dassault Systèmes®

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