Business-Based Optimization to Orchestrate Disrupted Supply Chains

Enabling the Future of Innovation in Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

Thanks to the development of technology that help enable integrated business planning, companies in consumer packaged goods and retail (CPGR) have an opportunity to overcome the biggest obstacles to planning and maintaining efficient supply chains that are resilient to disruption.


Lessons learned from disruptions that hit businesses during the global pandemic have shown us what supply chains of the future should look like to stay competitive. CPGR companies need to achieve optimized supply planning, production excellence, operational agility, optimized logistics and enhanced collaboration by digitalizing their entire value network.


In this eBook, we break down the key challenges to modern supply chains and share our vision for how CPGR companies can transform their supply chains for future excellence. Read the eBook to learn about:


  • Important trends and problems in planning and managing supply chains
  • Capabilities critical to Integrated Business Planning and successful supply chain transformations
  • The business value DELMIA has helped create for real customers

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