Building the Warehouse of the Future

DELMIA’s Warehouse Experience: a powerful solution portfolio enabled by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and supported by virtual twin technology.

Enable detailed simulation processes, optimization and IIoT analysis to gain better service, quality and efficiency in your warehouse and distribution center

Warehouse operations are growing increasingly complex, and business leaders need both macro and granular visibility across their business. A virtual twin model of your warehouse provides you and your teams with a single source of truth by simulating your physical systems—to create an accurate virtual representation of equipment, robots, processes and workflows.

Read on to learn how you can optimize your warehouse and DC operations to realize significant advantages through DELMIA. Manufacturers in various industries have already benefited from our solution in many ways:

  • 99% order fulfillment and 50% cycle time reduction – consumer-packaged goods manufacturer
  • 18% labor expense reduction – technology manufacturer Labor expense reduction
  • 24% reduction of WIP and DII (Days In Inventory) planned – aerospace manufacturer
  • 30% inventory reduction across 16 plants – medical device manufacturer


Video Experience the Warehouse of the Future

As the world heads toward new realities, there will be more changes in store for supply chains. The Warehouse of the Future prepares you for evolving new norms by combining a mix of enhanced operational experiences to bring real-world structures and parametrics into the virtual world. It is a connected future of multiteam collaboration, integrated workflow modeling and optimization of people, processes and technology. Benefit from the future today with solutions to improve safety, service and costs.

Establishing The Warehouse Of The Future

Watch the recording of our webinar, Connectivity and Optimization: Establishing the Warehouse of the Future, hosted in partnership with Reuters Events, Prologis and Henkel Laundry Supply Chain. Here, we address key challenges and trends driving the ongoing modernization of warehouse and distribution facilities and how the Warehouse of the Future accelerates this transformation. In addition, this session will enable you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the growing need for integrated visibility across operations to establish a connected and unified infrastructure that enables increased flexibility and optimization of operations
  • Examine the use and implementation of the technology infrastructure necessary to drive optimization, enhanced decision-making and operational resiliency, even in times of disruption
  • Explore how to implement sustainability strategies around waste elimination, energy efficiency, alternate sources of energy and resource optimization in general
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eBook The Warehouse of the Future

Supply chains are changing now that the world is embracing new realities. Warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations need to be modernized – and future warehouse technologies are key to driving operations success and resiliency’. Unlock a modern, integrated and visible way of working, to enable collaboration across your warehouse and distribution operations and successfully navigate evolving new norms.

DELMIA Warehouse Experience is a powerful solution portfolio enabled by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and supported by virtual twin technology: a real-time virtual representation of a product, platform or ecosystem that can be used to model, visualize, predict and provide feedback on assets and performance.

Download the eBook and discover how unifying the real and virtual worlds of your warehouse, DC or logistics infrastructure enable you to:

  • Reduce unnecessary processes and balance workloads with advanced planning and validation
  • Enforce best practices and reduce variability
  • Synchronize workflows to reduce overlaps

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Modernize your warehouse and DC operations to successfully navigate the ever-evolving world of logistics.

Building the Warehouse of the Future eBook