EBOOK | Build Flexibility Into Your Supply Chain

With Qualified Component Suppliers at Your Fingertips

No matter the industry, just one missing or wrong part can delay product delivery. With many supply chains poorly positioned to compete in today’s fast, highly disruptive environment, new technology can bake in the agility required to drive change. We can help you introduce more flexibility into your supply chain by better connecting Engineering with Procurement.

Add Resiliency by Connecting Engineering and Procurement

Gather all stakeholders onto one platform on the cloud to drive resiliency and real-time collaboration and to streamline processes. The artificial intelligence-driven PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace, a global ecosystem of more than 1,700 qualified suppliers of over 56 million components, does just that! Using artificial intelligence and 3D similarity search, it allows engineers and procurement professionals to find the right part from a qualified supplier in their area, thus cutting costs and decreasing risks.

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