Master Recipe and Blending Optimization in Food Manufacturing

Here’s the solution for delivering optimized plans with the best blending decisions to reduce cost and waste while keeping products fresh.

Supply chain volatility is at an all-time high, due to disruptive geopolitical events, climatic impact on commodity availability and consumer demand for locally sourced products. How quickly can you reconfigure your supply chains while protecting profit margins, service levels and quality? The answer starts with recipe and blending optimization.

Recipes allow for tolerances of different formulations without compromising product quality. However, making optimal choices every single time calls for the comparison of a multitude of blending scenarios. This can only be done with a smart production planning and scheduling solution like DELMIA Quintiq.

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Make the Best Blending Decisions Every Time

Join the ranks of winning food manufacturers by using DELMIA Quintiq to unlock increased yields, and reduce cost and waste through innovation. Complete the form to get the integrated solution for recipe and blending optimization.

Value-Driven Smart Recipe and Blending Optimization

Through DELMIA Quintiq, blending optimization becomes a simpler process. Your planners can calculate the optimal mix of ingredients with just the touch of a button and gain the following benefits:

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More advantageous sourcing decisions


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Faster decision-making that incorporates all constraints

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Better cost savings by choosing the best blend


Watch: How to Optimize Blending in Food Manufacturing

With DELMIA Quintiq, you can identify the optimal supplier mix for each production plan and operational batch that fits the recipe specifications while delivering quality at the lowest cost. Play the video to learn more.

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