Formulate for Sustainability

Agile Formula Design with Reduced Waste

Today's organizations must transform new ideas into innovative products and operational efficiency to create a sustainable future. Reducing their environmental footprint requires reformulating their products to reduce raw material and energy consumption. Laboratory testing plays an important role in the development of new products. Reformulations and workforce changes demand knowledge retention and management. To accelerate product development, companies must improve formulation and lab testing efficiency and fully leverage the data they generate.

Keeping up with today’s market pressures – workforce attrition, shortening product lifecycles, and growing customer demands – demands that chemical companies work to improve their teams’ agility by better capturing and sharing knowledge organization-wide.

The Digital Lab for Chemical Companies” explores how centralizing knowledge management can ensure that your scientists’ expertise is accessible across the enterprise. This can not only facilitate leaner R&D operations, it can also help your team accelerate discovery.

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